There are ready to use widgets provided in EHQ, see article Add New Widgets, to learn how to use these commonly used widgets.
However, if these widgets do not satisfy what you are looking for, then the custom widget can be used to create your own widget with HTML content. If your consultation requires an entire page with custom code or an embed, then have a read of the article Add Static Pages which will be apt for that purpose.

Below are three examples of custom widgets used in EHQ :

The following steps describe how to add a Custom Widget on your EHQ page:

1. Select the Projects link and from the drop-down menu, click the project for which you want to add a widget. 

This will display the Manage Page.

2. Click on Widgets link. A list of active and available widgets are displayed that can be added to your page.

3. Select the Custom widget from the Available Widget list. It will be added to the Active Widgets List.

4. Add the HTML content into the Content text box. Click on Save.
5. You have successfully added the widget. You can Edit, Delete or Hide the widget using the provided options. 

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