EngagementHQ allows you to choose if a project is 'Public', 'Protected', or in 'Community Panel' mode. Projects that are marked 'Protected', are removed from the view of the general public and are only accessible by those that you have granted access to.

Although this means that the contents you have uploaded - such as texts, images, video, and documents - are only accessible by the selected participants in the first instance, this does NOT prevent people from sharing the content with others. For example, participants WILL be able to save documents to their computers and send them on. 

What does this mean?

When you set 'Protected' projects and trust your participants with documents and information, be aware that the security is only as good as the least secure participant in the group. This applies to content you upload as well as any documents, videos or images your participants might upload.

If you do NOT trust your audience for a project, consider this when uploading files and information. In the same token, if you have a trustworthy project audience and you have set ground rules, there is no reason why documents cannot be shared with them.

How do I make my project 'Protected'?

First create a group, which consists of the people that you would want to access your project. If you are not sure about the steps involved in creating a group, read our article on creating a group in EngagementHQ for detailed instructions.

Next, set your project visibility to "Protected". For detailed instructions on how to alter this setting, read our article on setting your project visibility.

That's it! Your chosen participants will now have exclusive access to this project.

Note: Protected projects can be added to the Appearance editor homepage.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email support@engagementhq.com

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